Increase Your Productivity By 25% in just 5 to 10 Minutes a Day...So You Can Remain Active and Play the Sports You Love,
 Much Longer and Without Risk of Injury. 

  • How most stretching programs never address the pre workout opportunity and why people have nagging injuries.
  • Why holding a stretch for more than 2 seconds is so much harder to do.
  • How this simple mindset and practice can set you up to be ready to play year around.
  • How to reset your body daily so that you KNOW you are always ready to go with out any crazy time demands.
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The Major Flaw With Most Stretching
Extended stretching is a dangerous practice and possibly the wrong way to approach your sporting practice. Learn the mindset necessary to make all your trainings smooth, easy and pain free.
The Power Of The Daily 5 Stretch Routine
Make your time in bed count toward having a pain free day and not a time to fight with your body.
Add Smart Stretching To Your Life
Learn how the Daily 5 can add to your lifestyle and help you go from stiff, tight and sore to more flexible and happy.
Plan To Stretch Smarter
Your Daily 5 customized plan adds to you body and mind, builds energy, mood and confidence and you ditch soreness and stiffness for good.
Meet Coach Selby
As a professionally trained Healthy lifestyle and Stretching coach. I have been showing older recreational athlete , especially since we are not in high school, how to improve their flexibility, energy and lifestyle practices the smart way…

We are not in high school anymore, once we get a little older, our "new" bodies don't perform like they use to, even though we still want to play like we use to. There is no reason you can’t play like you use to -  as long as you adopt different ways to care for yourself that support your desired outcome. With proper care, you can have a happy healthy body for many , many years .

Coach Selby
Healthy Lifestyle & Sports Flexibility Expert
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